Australian Clay Midnight Black

Extraction Method: Pure, Natural

Country of Origin: Australia

Tags: Anti-Aging, Mascara, Mature Skin



Australian Midnight Black Clay is loaded with rich mineral and other nutrients which help in getting back the charm of the skin. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper. It is suits to almost all type of skins.

It energizes, refreshes, removes toxins from the skin which makes the skin look softer and healthier.

Midnight Black Clay contains great iron and oxygen properties, making it very popular for use in creams, powders, lipsticks, and mascara’s. It is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning agents and particularly good for nourishing the skin. It helps in washing out impurities from all type of skin. But, it gives best results in oil skin..

4½ tsp Australian black clay
½ tsp Australian red reef clay
Pinch guar gum
¼ tsp vegetable glycerin
1¾ tsp water
Stir together the clays and guar gum in a small dish. Add the vegetable glycerin and water. Stir/mash to combine (you may have to add more water, but be cautious—too much water will give you a mascara that is not viscous enough to apply/have any effect).
Keep it in a small jar, where you can dip my brush in and then wipe off the excess. When applying, be sure to experiment with different brushes.


Australian Midnigh Black Clay


Midnight Black Clay contains iron and oxygen properties, making it very popular for use in spa treatments and body wraps. It is non-toxic with detoxifying and conditioning constituents that are particularly good for nourishing the skin.

Manufacture Best Natures Cosmetic
Country of origin Australia
Country of Manufacture Canada